Answers to your questions about VITAX grinding machines and polishing machines

Note for single-phase V1 machines

  • Electrical connection: Single-phase with a speed of rotation for a nominal voltage of 230 Volt
  • Working on the machine: With mains connection single-phase: Before setting to pos. 1, the pos. "Start-up" may be held for max. 5 seconds. Too long holding on pos. "Start-up" can cause motor damage.


FailurePossible causeRepair of failure
Single-phase machine roars and heats Switch too long in "start-up" position Max. 5 sec. in start position

Is it possible to attach grinding discs or a belt sander (PR) / contact sander (PC) to a polisher

No. This is not possible due to the shape of the shaft. We recommend a grinding machine. Thanks to the modular design of VITAX, you can assemble the components yourself. For example, you can cover three grinding applications with a single machine - for example with a VITAX V2-A-BS1-h with polishing mandrel.

Can a belt grinder (BS1) be attached to a V1-ws machine (230V)?

The performance of the V1-ws grinding machine is too low for a belt grinding machine. We recommend a V1-ds 400V with 0.55kW for this.

What information does VITAX need if I want to order spare parts or place a repair order?

In order for us to be able to serve you correctly without delay, please inform us of the machine type (VA, V2...), machine style (e. g. grinding or polishing wheels) and serial number on the name plate.

Can an AT machine (cup wheel) be equipped with additional components on the T-side (right)?

No, this is not possible with this version due to the shorter shaft extension.

Is it also possible to repair old VITAX machines?

Yes, VITAX can restore most machines to working order and state-of-the-art technology. Send us your request by email.